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Spunky Design is not a company. It’s a home. It’s home to good ideas, fundamental service paradigms and best practices.

I don’t take on projects willy-nilly. I like to work with people that like to work with me.

If that seems all too simplistic? Well, it is. Design is not complicated. Less is more, more or less. We offer simple solutions for the web. We treat every customer as a friend. That’s pretty darn simple.

Because simple is smart and simple is uncluttered. If you’ve ever been on a website that punishes you with a graphic every time you press a link? You know what I mean. When I press a link on a website? I want to go where I think I’m going. If I’m punched in the kisser with an annoying popup telling me why I should go somewhere else? Well, I think either the company or their web designer is playing me for an idiot.

So we have bells and whistles. We deliver the goods. But we don’t put your users through the merry-go-round of a global graphics apocalypse. The good stuff should be beneath the surface. An iceberg is beautiful because the good stuff is showing. There’s lots underneath, that we don’t need to see unless we’re the captain of the Titanic.

Pricing? Pretty straight forward really. Check out our little thingy below called pricing. It’s loosey-goosey and easy-peasey.

We’ll simplify your web life, leaving you more time to Ski With Terry! Click Here For a Lesson!


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