What we don’t do at Spunky Design… and why

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What we don’t do at Spunky Design… and why


“Hey buddy… are you a full stack developer?”

Terry Gavan

Terry Gavan

No, I’m not.

“Hey, buddy… then why should I go to you?”

Well, if you are in need of a full stack developer? I will not be able to give you a name. I can give you a site where you may get full stack development of your site. But that development will be done by a team of developers and not one person.

That used to be possible. But the cross-platform compatibility issues today are more complex and so specific that to ask one person to design all aspects of a site would be confounding and time-consuming.

A recent article in Tech Crunch outlined the problems succinctly and gave us some reference way back to the 1970s and 80s, where one person could design a full website utilizing all of the hacks, bells and whistles needed to make it look okay on conflicting browsers.

“We are in the midst of a rapid shift to more complicated technologies that, as in days gone by, require experts at each tier. Developing excellent iOS and Android applications requires experts in those platforms that understand the intricacies. Operationally, tending to new object databases such as MongoDB requires constant attention and tweaking. Running an application on cloud services such as Amazon requires knowing the ins-and-outs of its various services and expertise on how to failover across regions. Even the venerable web front-end has evolved into CSS4, JSON and JavaScript MVC frameworks, such as Angular.js and Backbone.js.” (TechCrunch.com Full Article)

So, we don’t even do the full stack development as a team here. We are a niche company of wordpress designers who utilize rapid prototype from existing templates… that’s what we do and we’re sticking to it.

What you get from us is a website that utilizes code checked and rechecked for relevancy and dynamic display.

You get responsiveness over a variety of browsers. They are IOS and Windows compatible. They look good on a phone and they pop like a canvas on a tablet.

We update them regularly with wordpress theme mods (if you want us to) and our plugins are also updated, again if you choose to have us update them for you.

We give lessons in wordpress website strategies. Once we build it, we can help you maintain it. We are designers, with wordpress experience dating back to 2005 and 2006. We know themes and we know how to expedite themes for your best viewing options.

We do all of this without involving you with the touch-and-go pyrotechnics involved with coding a site from scratch.

All of our sites are compatible with rapid change to new innovations and even a new site template.

We build children of our child themes, and we do that to keep pace with your business or your blog’s growth.

WordPress is the number one CMS on the market today. It’s growing and the structures are getting more and more nuanced. We keep up with the trends.

We buy into the training and the improvements to keep your site current.

We use the best SEO and Social Media site aids. If we don’t have it? We find it. If we can’t find it? We build it. Yes we do a bit of coding when necessary.

Rapid Prototype Design… It’s what we do… and we’re sticking to it!

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