Elegant Themes Divi and what it means to founder Nick Roach

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Elegant Themes Divi and what it means to founder Nick Roach


I use templature in my designs. Years ago I found Elegant Themes, and developed with them because I liked the simple interface. Nick Roach, the founder, was quite accommodating, answering customer requests and he was always polite, responsive and funny.

Terry Gavan

Terry Gavan

Divi is a game changer for Elegant Themes. The company was on the ground floor designing wordpress themes and it has, in spite of the up and coming onslaught of themes and builders on the market, stayed on top, by dint of staying current with trends. Trends like plug-in development and more sophisticated drag and drop theme integration.

Designers can now walk into site development with a modicum of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP knowledge thanks to these builder applications. Divi and the new Divi builder is Elegant Themes bold brush stroke to address the many new theme sellers out there.

Nick Roach is excited about the new world opened up, of a sudden, with the introduction of Divi.

“I wanted to write a post and give some insight into the work we are doing behind the scenes, and what this work means for the future of Elegant Themes,” writes Roach. “For all those wondering what’s next, and why Extra is taking so long, this post is for you!

“Over a year ago we released Divi, and the result has been a complete transformation in the way we build products and the way our customers build websites. Observing the success of Divi has lead to a new development philosophy at Elegant Themes that hinges on the tried-and-true value of “quality over quantity.” This new development philosophy has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the amount of products being developed, but a dramatic increase in the quality of those products. We believe this philosophy will best serve our customers, and this belief has been validated in the way our themes are currently being used. Almost all of our customers are using Divi, and that’s because we spent the time to make it revolutionary.”

The newest release of Divi is out and the stand-alone plugin of the Divi Builder is coming.

I have not had a chance to talk with Nick recently, but I do hope to get an interview in the coming months as they roll out this new adventure into plug-in development and enhanced design.

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