Wordpress web design specialist with a particular flair for rapid prototype design. Watch your website take shape. Graphic Design is included in the package.
Big or small I build them all. Working off of tablet and mobile friendly templates you may be assured that Spunky Design sites will promote your blog, resume or business in an effective and delightful manner.


Wordpress is the most popular boilerplate on the web. 25% of websites are built on WordPress Themes.


I use Divi and Avada for WordPress builds and I can also design sites on Squarespace. I am Adobe Design compliant .


It used to take from six months to a year to build a website. Today, a modern basic site or blog can be built in two to four days.
Vibrant Design
I’ve been designing web projects since 1999 and I kicked my foot in the door at WordPress in 2007.
I have worked in rapid protoyype design at Axiom News and have designed three newspaper websites from scratch. I’m an award-winning Canadian Journalist and content creation is my forte.

Attention to detail

Until I’m sure that your website is done, according to your specifications? The website is not done.


I’m an award-winning journalist and photographer and I’ve found that those talents blend well with website design.

Affordable Price

I have several gigs and Spunky Design is just one of them. I do a lot of pro bono sites. I don’t overcharge.


I don’t overextend.  When I commit? I’m yours for the duration. I work long hours to ensure your build is on time!
Rapid Prototypes
If you have the content? And a concept? I can build a site that will blend content and your ideas in a comprehensive package. Your ideas … Your theme.
Committed to Excellence
When I commit to a website project I am involving all of my resources. No shortcuts, no stinginess and no excuses. The tools I use are state-of-the-art including products from the whole suite of Adobe Design including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.
I am constantly updating my expertise in WordPress, Adobe, Image enhancement, video editing and the gamut of mobile and tablet design functionality.


A website is your best introduction to the world. Add a website to your business card and it becomes your own personal playground, shop, blog or storefront. It’s a manifestation of you and your brand. It’s you.


A website does not cost a fortune. It’s an investment that will give you access to the web for the rest of your life and after the initial investment it can cost as little as $60 per year. Give me a call if you would like to peruse your options.

Spunky Projects
I’m knowledgeable. I’m quick and I’m ready to put your design ideas to work right now!


I do take on logo design projects, but since they are quite demanding, I usually wait until after ski season (Mid-April) to commit to an intricate logo project.

I design in Adobe and if you’re looking for a simple logo with your name? I can commit to that during ski season. Cheers, Terry.


Terry knows WordPress. And he knows Elegant Themes. I’ve been designing with WordPress since 2006 and I’ve been involved with Elegant Themes and Divi since the start of Elegant Themes.

I find WordPress with Divi to be the best tools to build a multifaceted site. WordPress dominates the world wide web today and it continues to maintain its lead through quick reaction to trends in web design.


Divi is a project-oriented theme building template that comes out of the box ready for a project of any size. Divi is built and maintained by Elegant Themes and uses WordPress as it foundational template. I have been associated with WordPress and Elegant Themes since 2008. Both great products!


Site Options
Judiciously priced and guaranteed production value. Bang for the Buck!
Get in Touch
I’m knowledgeable. We use Adobe products, to build our sites with beautiful graphics, logos, art and images.
Spunky Design Portfolio is available on Demand!
For access to Spunky Design’s portfolio please send us an email and we will gladly supply you with an updated listing with the appropriate links.


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Terry Gavan – CEO Spunky Design

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