I Design Websites

Not Crap Websites.

But nice websites…

and graphics…


I take time with projects. I listen. I design live so you can view the progress of your site. I call it rapid prototype development, but that’s just a fancy term for keeping you in the loop. I love to keep people in the loop.

Like a great many designers, I tend to think that I have a pretty good handle on design. I know what looks good and I keep abreast of today’s website trends – this is a fancy-pants way of saying I stare at a lot of websites – so that I can keep your site looking, you know, modern and user-friendly.

Everyone has an idea when it comes to adding things to websites. Unfortunately, I am not one of those designers who believes that shiny things are necessarily good. I believe that often, less is more, and that good design does not suffer from a lean aesthetic.

It’s a website!

Don’t be confused. It’s not rocket science. 

If it feels like someone is selling you on a radical medical procedure? Call me. Because believe me… building a website is simpler than brain surgery.

Website design should be fun. I have fun … you have fun.

Also, I am not one of those designers who promises that your site will also look good on your phone or tablet. I don’t promise that because in today’s milieu, a website must be responsive, and for the last six years, all my sites have been built with that major component included. 

If you have talked to web designers who pine on about delivering a responsive site? And if they are also then charging you for it? Seek opinions. It’s like CCM selling you a pair of tackaberry skates… and telling you that: “Oh yeah, just for you… we’ll add a sharp pair of blades… you know.. so you can play hockey or take a spin on the Rideau Canal! .”

I don’t do Quick as a Bunny Cookie Cutter

So I’m Different. The one thing I do that others don’t? Well, I spend a lot of time on projects. That’s counterproductive and a tad anachronistic.

Because I have been told that the way to make money in this business is to get in… and then get out. As quick as a bunny. But I am a Luddite. I prefer to spend time on things… oh, and I go to the wall for my clients.

Here’s What a Web Designer

Once Said:

You Are not the Web Designer

I’m the Web Designer

You wouldn’t tell Mr. Branston how to make pickle or Mrs. Audrey Audi how to build motor cars, would you? So please, Sir/Madam, don’t tell me I should “bevel” things. Get back to doing what you do best and let me do the web designing.

If you take control, you’ll end up with a lump of dog muck, and people will laugh at it behind your back. Youths will point and say:

“that man didn’t listen to the web designer and his website looks shit”

All I need from you is a brief. And no, the logo doesn’t need to be bigger. Pipe down and have a biscuit. Leave this to me.

(That tidbit from a web designer I know. 

From A little Bit of Something — Click to View!)

I include that because it comes from a designer who feels deeply about his work and his own level of taste, expertise and abilities. Some people think it rude. I don’t. I think that he’s just asking for some trust. And he’s absolutely dedicated to giving you a vehicle and a web presence that will work for you and your business and your brand.

Good Things!

Good things come to those with bait. The bait? You. Your product. Your blog. Your resumé.

Catching the eye of the online world is not hard, but it ain’t easy either.

You have a brand. You have a vision. You want to get that vision out there.

You just might need a website! You do if you want independence from the vagaries of a facebook or a twitter profile. Both are important. But your stuff is your stuff.

And if you want freedom to exist as a TRULY independent entity? You need a website!